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Demographics. Runner demographics for the last five years show that the number of people participating in the sport and activity of running is growing. Renewed calls for a fitter society have increased interest in running from a broad segment of the population.

Race participants are some of the most fit people in the United States. Aligning your organization with a TCR Production reinforces your brand as dynamic, modern, innovative and driven. Additionally, sponsoring a TCR Production will generate tremendous brand loyalty from race participants. According to USA Running, 86 percent of runners surveyed indicated they are more likely to purchase a sponsor’s product than a non-sponsor’s competing product.

Who are the Participants in Running Events?

While vigorously protecting participant privacy, TCR Race Productions keeps meticulous records that provide current regional demographic profiles.  Nationally, Runner’s World magazine has been surveying its subscribers and publishing comprehensive runner demographics for the last twenty years. 

Runner’s World Study Profiles a Very Affluent & Well Educated Group

Runner's World Profile Highlights*

  • Women: 47.4%
  • Men: 52.6%
  • Median age: 44
  • College educated: 93%
  • Internet access: 90%
  • Married: 74.4% are
  • Average household size: 2.9 people
  • Average 2005 household income: $139,000
  • Average 2005 household net worth: $943,000

Timed Road Race Finishers**

  • Average age: 37
  • Average age of female finishers: 35
  • Average age of male finishers: 38

Frequent Runners

  • Average age: 29††
  • Average age of female frequent runners: 31
  • Average age of male frequent runners: 31
  • Almost 6% of male frequent runners are seniors (60 or older)

2005 Masters / Juniors

  • Masters: 41%
  • Juniors (<20 years old): 3%

2005 Marathon Runners

  • Masters: 46%
  • Juniors (<20 years old): 2%

* Runner’s World Subscriber Study, Erdos & Morgan, 2006
** Running USA’s Road Running Information Center, 2006
Frequent runners are those running 110+ days per year
††American Sports Data Inc. 2006
National Sporting Goods Association, 2006

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